Saturday February 28th 2015


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Learn How To Successfully Sell On EBay

EBay is a wonderful market of buying and selling. It is defiantly a buyers’ market right now as prices are reasonable. EBay has changed over the past few years, thus making it essential to know what you are doing. To get in the game, you must be sharp and ready to bid and snip from someone else.

Before bidding on anything, make sure to check ones feedback rating. I would not bid on anyone who has excessive negatives, or has set their feedback to private. Though the system is thoroughly monitored, once in a while Read the rest of this entry »

Basics of EBay Buying And Sniping

Shopping at online auction sites such as eBay will save you money on a variety of merchandise. The key is to be the highest bidder without spending too much money. When you bid at the last minute or two of an auction, then this is called sniping. This is where you will get the best deals.

You must watch the auction carefully and bid at the end of the auction. This can surprise other bidders and make them think they will be the winner. Sniping is a great way to buy electronics, clothing and other items at huge Read the rest of this entry »

Things NOT to Sell on Ebay

We watched 40 Year Old Virgin on Direct TV this weekend and it got us thinking: do people actually think they can sell all that stuff on Ebay? The auction site isn’t the free for all it used to be and you’ve got to have something good to get it sold. Here are a few ideas for what NOT to waste your time on
VERY Used Merchandise: Unless we’re talking about a Tiffany lamp, no one wants to buy your years old, heavily used item. If it’s not practically new you’re going to have a hard time unloading it so think twice about putting it up for sale.
Cheap Stuff: Sure, Ebay used to be the place to clean out your attic but don’t try to sell every cheap item individually. Instead consider putting like items together and selling them as a set (300 Beanie Babies at once, for example) and watch your sales explode.
Items Too Late: We’re talking about tickets and items that are only useful for a certain period – you’ve got time this out. Put them up at least a month ahead of time so potential buyers won’t be scared off by shipping times

Get The Most For Your Money On Ebay

Shopping on Ebay is a great way for you to save money on countless items. Knowing a few key facts can aid you in getting the most for your money on the site. Ebay regulars follow a few guidelines to help them to be able to snag the best deals. Some of these guidelines include creating a watchlist, sorting prices by lowest to highest, and viewing seller ratings. These tips can benefit you in finding your product at the lowest price.

Creating a watchlist is an important tip in auction shopping. Every item Read the rest of this entry »

Learn How To Snipe When Buying On Ebay

Anyone who has shopped on Ebay has been in the following predicament. With seconds to go you are the highest bidder waiting excitedly to receive your confirmation e-mail and pay for your new product. Only to refresh your screen and see the ‘You have been outbid’ notification. In the Ebay world of bidding terms this is referred to as bid sniping. There are several methods to go about bid sniping.

Use your ‘watch list’ in Ebay and make Read the rest of this entry »

How To Successfully Buy On EBay

eBay can be a great place to snag a great deal on many different things. You can use the site to its full advantage by following a few different tips. First and foremost do your research on items before you place your first bid. It is important to know what you are looking for and compare prices outside of eBay first. Once you know what you are looking for and have a good idea of the various prices offered it is time to head onto Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Buying Strategies For EBay

eBay has evolved over the years from a simple online auction site into a dynamic internet marketplace. To ensure a transaction worthy of “positive” feedback, keep a few smart strategies in mind when making purchases.

Check the “Buy It Now” Price

eBay still continues to offer traditional auctions, and actions ofter offer the best bargains. However, to be sure that you are not overbidding, see what sellers in the fixed price, or “Buy It Now”, marketplaces are asking for the same product.Want more? Click here/tag To do Read the rest of this entry »