Thursday March 5th 2015


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The Best Buying Strategies For EBay

eBay has evolved over the years from a simple online auction site into a dynamic internet marketplace. To ensure a transaction worthy of “positive” feedback, keep a few smart strategies in mind when making purchases.

Check the “Buy It Now” Price

eBay still continues to offer traditional auctions, and actions ofter offer the best bargains. However, to be sure that you are not overbidding, see what sellers in the fixed price, or “Buy It Now”, marketplaces are asking for the same product.Want more? Click here/tag To do this, perform a search for your item. Then, on the toolbar to the left of your screen locate the “Buying Formats” and click “Buy It Now.”

Locate Completed Auctions

Look at completed auctions to see what other buyers have paid for similar items. A transaction or sale which has been completed is called a “Completed Auction.” You must log in to access this feature, but it is worth it to ensure you pay a fair price.

Bid Late

Wait until the final moments of an auction to bid. Otherwise, you are only driving up the price by allowing other customers to bid against you.

Check a Seller’s Feedback

Look at the feedback for all sellers. It may be worth paying one ore two dollars more for an item to ensure a smooth transaction. Feedback is given by both parties in a transaction. Reputable sellers have positive feedback which is close to 100 percent.