Sunday March 1st 2015


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Win Every Time With EBay Sniping

eBay sniping is bidding on an item in the last few minutes or seconds of an auction deadline. Before you even get started with your auction bidding, gauge the connection speed of your computer. This will be extremely helpful when making a last minute bid. To follow an auction in real time, synchronize your computer time with eBay’s Pacific Time Zone. Plan your bidding around the time that is most likely to have high volume of bidders on the auction site, for example ,during lunchtime, or early in the morning. If you are dying to purchase an item in an auction, than get ready to win it with just a few strategies.

First, log onto eBay, preferrably 10 to 15minutes before the auction ends. Click the Refresh button every 30 seconds to have the most updated screen info on how many bids the item you want is getting. Have an idea of the maximum bid you’re willing to put down. The longer you hold out gives you a better advantage of nabbing the item you want !

This only works if you are physically at your computer. If you can’t participate in a hot-running auction, you may want to consider investing in computer sniping software or paying a flat rate fee to a web site that will place bids on your behalf, a few seconds before the auction closes.

If you’re selling an item, you will need to setup and an eBay seller account, confirm your contact information and verify your identity. You will also need to notify eBay about what payment you will be accepting from your buyers. Learn what categories attract the most traffic and interest on eBay, and find out what eBay’s rules are on selling various items, and what items that are banned from selling on the site.

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